• Arjun Prasad Sarkhel


Hey there, have you every been in a situation where you quickly want to edit a clip or cut a video and add images or text in it, or basically just to add two videos together.

Yes we all have been in one, but while we search for various ways to do it, we usually fall into the traps of free trial apps which ends us with the ugly watermark on our desired video. So, why not learn the basics of video editing and how it works. So you want a 'simple easy learning curve' software??

Yes we got that, it's Sony Vegas pro!!! In the video i have used an older version of Sony Vegas pro i.e Sony Vegas pro 14 as it is much easier to use and i like the UI better than the newer ones but you can use any version you like. Either you can buy it to support the developers or you can get a free version from the torrent.

So, in the video i have covered everything about the basics, from the options and the features to add videos, add texts, splitting a video to fade in/fade out offset. If you have any doubt you can contact me through the email given below in the page. In the future i am going to discuss more in-depth about the various transitions and effects that you can add.

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